Summer Camps

We are not offering a summer camp in 2018.  Please see the teen weekend page for other offerings.  Ask to be on our mailing list for updates.


We are excited to offer an all overnights summer camp this year, run by Luke Boushee,

The dates are June 25th-July 1st and there will be more details to come.  Please call or email if you have any questions.  802-533-2085

It is through immersive, hands on, participatory experiences in nature that connections to the wild are made deepest. Crafts are made to be used and not merely admired; wild foods are not a novelty, but rather the basis for nutritive meals; the forest isn’t simply a place to visit, but a vibrant eco-system in which we thrive and grow.

In this years Woods Craft summer camp we will dive deep into all three of our typical focuses; Foraging, Traditional Crafting and Wilderness Expeditions. Over the course of 7 days and 6 overnights we will make a hidden home base camp from out in the vast forests nearby Lazy Mill Living Arts Folk School. From there we will orienteer our way to different food drops everyday practicing our map and compass skills as well as testing our stealth. At camp we will make crafts from materials found in our surroundings and learn the skills necessary for meeting our needs for shelter, water, fire and food in a wilderness setting.




Luke Boushee has been an EarthWalk Village School and a summer camp mentor since the spring of 2014. Leading up to his time at EarthWalk, Luke spent 11 months living off the land at Teaching Drum Outdoor School in Northern Wisconsin learning skills to be happy and healthy while living as a hunter-gatherer in the forest. From 2012 to 2014 Luke was an instructor in Connecticut at Two Coyotes Wilderness School and Circle of Trees Programs. In 2013-14 he studied traditional living skills as an apprentice at ROOTS school in Corinth, VT. Luke is certified in Wilderness First Aid, and he spends much of his spare time crafting, hide tanning, tracking and harvesting, preparing and eating wild foods.lukementorbiopic