Lazy Mill Treecraft

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My name is Penny Hewitt. I am a craftsperson, teacher, homesteader, and homeschooling mom. I live with my family in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. I am passionate about revitalizing and passing on traditional skills, particularly in the forms of black ash and birch bark basketry. Working with responsibly harvested and hand-processed materials from the forest surrounding my home, I seek to create objects of beauty that are useful in everyday life. I am inspired by traditions of other cultures, and grateful for the opportunities of connection to people, place, nature, and self that my craft cultivates. My experience with weaving includes teaching workshops, leading homeschool groups, one on one lessons, volunteering time to share skills, crafting for income and always looking for opportunities to advance my skill set.

For Sale~

Please ask about custom orders.   

Shipping is in addition to the prices given.

Birch bark ornaments or tree toppers, 9″ $50

Birch Bark Ornaments

Stars $20 + $5 shipping no matter how many you get!

P1030289 IMG_2077

Birds $20+ $5 shipping no matter how many you get!

IMG_2076           IMG_5039

Birch Bark Wallets

P1040219$55   P1030324 $45

P1030360 $55       IMG_0518 $55

Pack Baskets

18″ high, leather harness $350 or webbing harness $300

Smaller, 12-14″ high with leather harness $225

P1040220          IMG_2152                

Birch Bark Pouches

P1030536        P1030535        P1040417

$90       SOLD                                           $120                                                $150  5.5″x7″x2″

   IMG_1840 $100sold      img_2397  8.5″x9″x2.5″   

                                                                                                                               $250  SOLD

IMG_1858 Top left, $65, top right $100, bottom $100

Black ash baskets with leather strap.  Great for berry picking or hanging by the door for keys and mail.  Larger ones available for mittens and hats or bigger harvesting opportunities!

P1030930  $75-85

Mixed bark foraging basket or purse

IMG_2150 $90 each  Left one SOLD

Birch Bark Card Holder/Wallet

$22 each


Folded birch bark containers

IMG_2548 $40-90

Basketry workshops

Make your own basket and in the process learn one of the oldest crafts in human history.  For thousands of years baskets served as indispensable objects in every culture. Carry on the tradition and take home a beautiful, durable and useful basket crafted from local and responsibly harvested, birch bark or hand pounded black ash logs.  Take a scheduled workshop or host your own.

~Black Ash Berry Basket ~ Weave a round basket, approximately 6”x 6” with optional strap in a six hour class that  includes a discussion on how the material is harvested and processed.  This is a great class for ages 8 to adult.


~Mixed Bark Foraging Basket~ Start with a black ash base and use a variety of barks to create your own unique design.  Add a leather strap and you are ready for a mushroom walk, patch of wild berries or a convenient place by the door to put your keys or mail.  One day workshop for adults and teens.

P1030949      IMG_2150

~Black Ash Pack Basket ~ Weave an approximately 18” tall traditional Adirondack pack basket with cedar runners and base and adjustable harness. This basket is made to last and be used. The workshop is two full days and will include a discussion on how the material is harvested and processed. There is also the option of adding a half day to this workshop, so students can have the opportunity to pound a black ash log to acquire their own material.  This is a great class for teens and adults.

IMG_2154            P1040220

~Birch Bark Basket ~ Create a double woven diagonal plaited  basket and experience the amazing qualities of the inner bark of the white birch tree.  Students will have some choices in the shape and rim design.  Included is a discussion on how the material is sustainably harvested and processed. This class is for teens and adults.


~Birch Bark Pouch~ Weave a diagonal plaited birch bark pouch, approximately  6″x 8″x 2″  with a leather flap and strap; great as a small purse or tool pouch.  This is a two-day class that includes a discussion on how birch bark is sustainably harvested and processed. This class is for teens and adults.P1040195

~Birch Bark Wallet~ Weave a diagonal plaited birch bark wallet with a leather flap. This is a one day class that includes a discussion of how birch bark is sustainably harvested and processed. This class is for teens and adults.


~Birch Bark Ornaments ~ Enjoy the simple pleasure of creating a decoration or gift from materials responsibly harvested on my Northeast Kingdom farm.  Utilizing techniques common to the Scandinavian and Russian style of basketry, you will craft birds and stars using strips of inner bark from the paper birch in this three hour workshop.  You will also learn how these materials are harvested and prepared. This class is for teens, adults and younger children/adult pairs.



~Willow Tension Trays~ Craft a simple serving tray or trivet from locally harvested willow and red osier.  Learn some basic weaving techniques and take home a useful handmade item that looks great hanging on the wall when not in use. This is a three hour class for ages 10 and up or as young as 5 with an adult helper.


If you are interested in scheduling or hosting a workshop, please email me at

 Workshops and Demonstrations



January 25th -26th~ Black Ash Pack Baskets in Walden VT at Walden Heights Nursery  To register email Penny at

February 1st~ Black Ash Berry Baskets in Liberty ME at Water Street Learning Center

February 2nd~ Black Ash Berry Baskets in Yarmouth Maine at Artascope

February 8th~ Birch Bark Baskets in St. Johnsbury at Catamount Arts

February 15th~ Black Ash Berry Baskets in Greensboro VT at Highland Center for the Arts

March 8th~ Mixed Bark Foraging Basket in Burlington VT at Gardner’s Supply

March 22nd~ Mixed Bark Foraging Baskets in Lebanon NH at Gardner’s Supply

May 30th-31st~ Day pack sized Black Ash Pack Baskets in Ludlow VT at Fletcher Farm School forArts and Crafts

June 19th-21st~ Sloyd Skills Gathering in Stannard VT .  A weekend of traditional handcraft workshops.

July 18th~ Black Ash Berry Baskets in Louden NH at Sanborn Mills Farm.


February 25th~ Black Ash Berry Baskets in Montpelier.  Contact Lindsey Warren for registration:

March 20th~ Willow Trays in Jeffersonville.  FULL

June 28-30~Sloyd Skills Gathering in Stannard VT.  A weekend of traditional handcraft workshops.  I will be teaching birch bark wallets and stars.  Many other workshops.  Website link to come.

July 6th~ Black Ash Berry Baskets at Fletcher Farm School for Arts and Crafts in Ludlow VT

July 14th~ Black Ash Berry Baskets at Free Verse Farm in Chelsea VT.

July 20th~ Black Ash Berry Baskets at Wandering Roots Farm inFletcher VT.  Pick your own blueberries into your newly made basket!

August 11-17th~ Traditional Ways Gathering in WI.  Birch bark ornaments

October 12th and 13th~ Apples and Crafts in Woodstock VT.  Selling and demonstrating.

November 2nd~ Birch Bark Ornaments at Railyard Apothecary in Burlington VT

November 9th~Birch Bark Ornaments at Fletcher Farm School for Arts and Crafts in Ludlow VT

November 17th~Birch Bark Ornaments at River Arts in Morrisville VT.

November 20th~ Birch Bark Ornaments at Gardner’s Supply in Burlington VT

November 24th~Birch Bark Ornaments at Highland Center for the Arts in Greensboro VT

November 30th~Birch bark Ornaments at Sugar House Workshop in Sandgate VT

December 3rd~ Birch Bar Ornaments at Grace in Hardwick VT

December 7th~Birch Bark Ornaments at Catamount Arts in St. Johnsbury VT